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Meet Monica

Licensed Professional Counselor (Texas + Alaska), and Licensed Mental Health Counselor (Washington)

Licensed with the Telemedicine Business Registry

Seeking Light, for me, has meant being authentic with myself, others and God. I hope if nothing else, you can consider what it means for you to seek light in the darkest parts of your story too.

Hello! My name is Monica and I’m the owner and founder of Seeking Light Counseling. I am thrilled to use this platform to provide counseling, coaching, prayer, resources and conversations about hope found in Jesus to women in Texas, Washington and Alaska.




I've always enjoyed getting to know people at a core level. There is often more than what meets the eye, so I'm a firm believer of listening to not just what someone says, but to what they don't say. I love counseling because it is a rare safe place where our deepest thoughts can be known and held. 

Some of the biggest hurdles I’ve overcome in my life included: depression, anxiety, loss, and attachment-related wounds. I moved around frequently as a child of a military family, and I had a parent who struggled with mental health, so I know what it’s like to feel despair. I also know what it’s like to find hope. I know that relationships can deeply and even permanently affect a person, and that things like trust and attachment are sometimes hard won. I also know though,  that relationships are vital to living a life full of love and joy.

Who I work with: 

SLC is a safe place for women to receive care. I love to help women work through core issues such as self-esteem, assertiveness, grief, self-respect, and self-talk - struggles that have been perpetuated by, or lead to, anxiety, depression and/or trauma. 


Over the last 7 years I have been fortunate to work with thousands of teens, individuals, couples and families in a variety of settings across states including: a community mental health clinic/child and family clinic, several group private practices, a hospital, an ER and now my own private practice. I have also worked as a clinician at the local hospital's counseling center, working with military families, chronically mentally ill clients, low-income clients, Alaska Natives, and individuals from all walks of life. I am thrilled to be able to work with clients residing in Washington, Alaska and Texas (all states I have lived in myself) now due to having obtained tri- licensure.

I consult with other private practice counselors as well as a graduate school supervisor on a monthly basis to continue to grow my expertise and maintain accountability around best practice standards. 


I graduated from Western Washington University with a BA in sociology in 2013. That fall I went on to pursue my MA in Counseling Psychology from The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology, graduating in 2016.


Monica Wadsworth


Why ‘Biblically-based’ counseling:

Like anyone else, I have experienced many set-backs, challenges, and experiences that left me asking God ‘so what is this all about?’  I can see now that what I do for a living wouldn’t have even been possible or effective had I not experienced my own hardships, all reminding me that God had a plan and purpose for the pain. My belief is that He has a plan and purpose for what you’re going through too.


I believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God. By studying it, we get to know God's heart. Merely skimming it over is to miss out on the heart and depth of God's love. Reading Scripture we get to know the true purpose for our lives because we learn about God's redemption plan for us. We also learn that He is the ultimate counselor. Because of this, my approach to counseling is to rely on Christ, the true Counselor, whenever possible in our work (through the Holy Spirit, prayer, Scripture, and/or discussions about Jesus).  


What you can find at SLC is an invitation to discuss/explore counseling through a Biblical lens and should you prefer not to, your preference will always be respected. 

Please also note, you do not have to identify as a Christ follower to seek counseling here. I work closely with persons of all backgrounds and beliefs and I simply integrate faith-based conversations when it is appropriate or if/when a client is comfortable having these conversations. I love to pray for clients at the end of sessions as well, but only if they are also comfortable with this. Beyond that, I will be providing you with relational psychotherapy and a variety of other modalities that will help you step into God's will for you life.

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