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Biblically-based telehealth psychotherapy for TX, WA & AK women.
Heal from the past, form healthy relationships, and learn self-compassion


"Counseling is for the brave, those willing to enter into vulnerability to overcome darkness. In my opinion, there are few things richer in life than seeking light."

- Seeking Light Counseling 

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Adult Female from Seattle, WA

"Monica helps give me a place that feels safe to let out all the distress I've been carrying and I can leave it with her until our next session. We slowly work through my issues, one session at a time. I sometimes leave my sessions feeling better,and sometimes I leave crying. Either way, I feel better in the long run. I'm grateful for the therapy Monica provides."

Stressed Woman

Adult Female from Seattle, WA

"Monica is an incredibly kind, gentle  and compassionate therapist and has been such a blessing to me. I had been hesitant to try therapy for the first time but from the first session it was very easy to share with Monica. She has not only helped me work though difficult issues but also has shared wonderful resources to help support my therapy as well. Thank you, Monica"

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Teen Female from Nome, Alaska

"Monica's expertise, compassion, and willingness to work with whatever I bring to our sessions have helped me tremendously. With her guidance, I am learning to show myself the same grace and understanding she continually offers me."

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Healing. Hope. Freedom.

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